Protect Your Home From the Cold

When the temperature drops and words like “icy conditions” and “blizzard” start appearing in the weather forecast, keeping a house warm and cozy becomes even more important and even more difficult.

House wrapped in a scarf isolated on white

There are several things homeowners can do to prepare their home for the cold ahead of time. Homeowners should make sure to trim any tree branches hanging over roofs or car parking areas. The weight of snow on a weak branch can cause it to collapse, which can pose a huge risk to people and any structures nearby. Also, winterizing pipes, especially those in areas that are exposed or unheated, is crucial as a burst pipe can cause flooding and costly water damage.

Check out HouseLogic’s suggestions and tips for preparing a home for cold weather. Contact me about how best to prepare a home for winter. Also, connect with a handyman in your community about common winter problems they see and how to prevent them.

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