Your Back-To-School Checklist

The summer is almost over and the first day of school is almost here. Check out these few quick tips to help you prepare!

Supplies To Buy

  • pencils, pens and highlighters
  • binders, dividers, paper
  • sheet protectors and report covers
  • paper clips, staples and stapler
  • glue and/or glue sticks
  • graphing paper and calculator
  • rulers, guides and tape and
  • White-out tape and page markers

Safety Tips

  • If your children walk to school, make sure they walk in groups or are chaperoned
  • Walk the path to school with your children and show them how to obey all the traffic laws

Stay Involved!

  • Know your child’s bus number and schedule
  • Make sure you have a list of your kids’ teachers, back to school nights, sports schedules and school holidays
  • Check the school website and make sure you have an email address on file to receive important information about grades, activities or permission slips

Tips for those who don’t have kids

  • Plan your commute: if you need to leave earlier then get some sleep!
  • Watch out for children who walk to school in your neighborhood.

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Have an Awesome school year! By the way, I’m here year-round for your real estate needs.